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Midwest Aero Technologies

Why Hire a Drone Service?

There are many reasons to hire a drone services provider. Drones collect valuable media and data for; Crash Reconstruction, Architecture, Construction, Golf Courses, Inspections, Insurance, Marketing, Real Estate, Surveying, and Video Production (among others). For many applications, drones are safer and save time and money.

We provide professional aerial photographic images and video from a perspective that only someone flying could see.  A “birds eye” view of your home, property, or any event.  We also provide mapping services for construction, inspections and farming.

Midwest Aero Technologies was formed by Mr. Brown, his vision started when he got his first DJI Phantom 4 drone. His initial purpose was for recreation. With his background in Law Enforcement, he thought to use his experience and skills to take it to an entirely new level.

This business has been in the works for some time, finding just the right people to put into place to support the business and to pilot the aircraft. Midwest Aero Technologies officially opened its doors for business this year.

Drones have become a way of the future. Midwest Aero Technologies has taken every major step to be successful. Our mission is to provide the best aerial photography and videography products to meet the customer’s needs. The company has purchased top of the line aircraft and equipment to provide the best quality products for you.

Please check out the Midwest Aero Technologies website for more information.